Bringing hope to the hopeless through generosity, nutrition, and a hopefulL message.

Plus Every bar purchased helps feed those in need. Check out

how to use our bars

Eat One

Need some clean energy whole on the go?  Take along a HopeFull bar to get you through the day.

give One

See someone hungry or hopeless? Give them a bar!  It will feed their hunger as well as give them Hope.

use some

Used by churches and organizations that want to spread Hope and do good in their communities.

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our story

Just a week after attending an NHL camp with the St. Louis Blues I found myself in the ER with intense stomach pains. In the process I was introduced to one of the world’s leading nutritionists. He explained that food is our fuel and bad fuel produces poor performance, good fuel produces high performance. After just three days into a 40 day whole food eating plan I knew I’d never go back to processed food. Months into this new way of eating I began experimenting with real food specifically dry fruits and nuts. I discovered my favorite combination of nuts and dates. This resulted in my very own homemade bar. A quick on the go snack packed with clean fuel that tasted great.

This bar began to develop into a vision bigger than myself. Being in a city with a large homeless population I would often roll down my window and hand out a bar. I realized people not only needed food but hope. I knew that my homemade bar needed to carry a message of hope. In that moment the Hopefull Bars were born. Each bar purchased would also provide a free bar for the hungry. We like to say that, “Hope never tasted so good!

– Marco Fabbrini –

Purchase hopefull bars two ways

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original peanut

Where it all started. Freshly made from 3 real food ingredients.


Peanut Butter & Jelly

Freshly made from just 4 real food ingredients.

Donate Bars

Purchase bars and we will donate them to local charities focused on food insecurity.


original almond

Dry roasted (to perfection) blanched almonds & mixed with dates.


Variety Box

Peanut, Almond, & PBJ bars freshly made from just 3-4 real food ingredients.

almond Butter & Jelly

Freshly made from 4 real foods.



Stay clean and bring a little Hope in your kitchen wearing our offical apron.  


Spread some Hope by wearing one of our premium 100% soft cotton dad hats.  


Perfect for water bottles, coolers, or your friends surfboard. 

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